Warranty and Quality Assurance

Ploys Warranty and Quality Assurance


Ploys Warranty: we are here to help resolve any concerns

Our products come with a one year warranty not including normal wear and tear.

You have the right to request a repair or replacement of any product purchased, if it is received in a faulty condition, within 30 days of purchase.
To make a claim, please contact us with photos and details of the fault/s. We may require you to return the item to us for assessment. Once we have received sufficient evidence of the fault (via photos or physical return of the item), we will assess whether the item can be repaired. If the item cannot be repaired, a replacement product will be made. If a replacement product cannot be made, due to inability to original source materials, you will be given the choice of an alternative product or a refund, not including original postage costs.

Replacements and/or refunds will not be given if you; change your mind; order the wrong product; damage the product by misuse or by not following care instructions; claim damage that is consistent with normal wear and tear; find that the item does not suit after receiving a custom placed order. 

PVC material: inflatables and similar PVC products are made from DEHP also known as diethylhexyl phthalate. DEHP is a commonly used plasticiser that is used to make plastics such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) soft and flexible. The use of DEHP in many applications, other than for use with children under the age of 36 months, (due to sucking or biting the product) are considered appropriate and safe (ref: ACCC product safety guidelines). Our products are therefore not suited, designed or marketed to be used for children under the age of 36 months. DEHP can give of a strong smell, particularly when new or exposed to a combination of hot temperatures and chlorine as typical in their life as pool inflatables. We advise to store our products in ventilates spaces. As our products are made from recycled pre-loved materials the PVC smell has mostly disappeared by the time it is used and recycled by PLOYS. 

PVC is a waterproof product and although we can’t claim that our PLOYS bags and purses are 100% waterproof, as they are stitched together we do promote them as weatherproof. We do say that they are water resistant and close to drip free when used with e.g. wet or drip dry swimmers or when exposed to rain. Yet our bags cannot be dipped in water, filled with water or used to float on. PVC/Rubber from pool inflatables and air mattresses is a soft and sturdy material, making it a light and flexible product to use. We guarantee that our bags hold 2 kg of weight, and should not be used to carry heavy items, as the material can break along the stitching line when packed too heavily. An exemption us made for our carry all bags, which can be used for grocery shopping holding 5 kg of weight. The colours in the product photos might vary slightly, depending on the light. Spots or marks might be present due to it being a recycled material.  Sizing is approximate as it is all handmade product.

Care instructions: our upcycled products may have natural wrinkles or folds in the material which most resolve over time. PLOYS bags are best stored hanging with soft filling inside, to maintain the shape of the bag when not in use. All products can be wiped down with or hand rinsed in luke-warm soapy water as needed. Our products are not safe to be left with small children, under the age of 36 months, see also above.