Waste No Wednesday - Weekly Post - Discounts on Recycled Products

WASTE NO WEDNESDAY our weekly post, showing one unique upcycled transformation, promoting circularity to design out plastic waste.

This week we are putting our Purses in the spotlight. Made from punctured pool inflatables, and ideal for sorting and organising loose items! Of course great as a pencil case, yet also perfect for cosmetics and to use as a wet n dry bag. Why not treat yourself to a handy purse to kick off the (school) year and support sustainability and recycling!

The purses come in 4 different sizes:
Mini 10 x 10
Medium 15 x 10
Large 20 x 10
Extra large 30 x 20 (new!)

Use code WNW - use this code every Wednesday to receive 10% on the Waste No Wednesday product

At Ploys we love giving new life to PVC which typically ends up in waste, through a “cunning plan” i.e. PLOY, creating a new functional purpose to waste! To protect our planet from plastic and PVC waste 🌏 please support us in doing what we do best: upcycling and creating a circular loop of reintroducing discarded materials back into society into a better more durable form ♻️


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