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WASTE NO WEDNESDAY our weekly post shows off one unique upcycled transformation, promoting circularity to design out plastic waste 💚♻️

For this weeks post the before and after shot of our Zip Top Totes. Showing the transformation from discarded pool inflatable to becoming a unique bag with a whole new life!

Isn’t it fantastic to know that punctured pooltoys have a new life of serving a functional purpose by being your most unique bag, instead of their life ending up in landfill for the next 1000 years...

To support our planet from plastic waste 🌏 support us in doing what we do best: upcycling and creating a circular loop ♻️ please jump into the online store and buy the newest addition to our collection: The Zip Top Tote!

Need more reasons? How about as a unique gift for your child’s teacher, your bestie, your mother in law, that teenager who needs some colour in their life or to sneak it under the Christmas tree as a gift for yourself🎄 Yet most importantly its such a waste not to buy one of these beauties.

Think upcycled when buying a gift as who needs more waste...
PVC takes up to 1000 years to disintegrate, this gives a whole lot of use in the life of this bag 💚♻️ 🌏

WasteNOWednesday Zip Tote price is $45
Size: 38x28x12 cm



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